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College Admissions Counseling

College Admissions Counseling

The college admissions process is an exciting time for students to explore opportunities while further developing their skills. At MAIA, we work closely with our students to identify colleges and/or university programs that are an authentic fit and provide individualized counsel on how to craft a strong application that stands out.

Why MAIA Education?

As educators, we know the types of educational settings and experiences that allow our students to thrive and best continue to develop their strengths. Given the increased demands on students for independence, it is especially important to consider the level of support offered as well as the advantages of each individual program.

Whether we have worked with a student for years or they are starting with us anew for college guidance, we take the time to understand that student’s profile from a holistic perspective. Through our approach, we find that the college application process can be one of self-discovery and exploration – rather than one of great stress and anxiety – for students and their families.

At MAIA, we offer students comprehensive college admissions placement packages that include key stages of the process as well as the flexibility to develop a customized program.

How College Admission Counseling Works:

Step 1: Initial Consultation 

Our initial meeting with our students and families includes a comprehensive overview of a student’s academic and extra-curricular history. A follow-up plan of action is developed based on individual needs and where the student is in the process.

Step 2: Student Profile 


A student profile is based on a student’s academic record, extra-curricular activities, interests and strengths.

Step 3: Application Strategy 

Students will work with us on an application strategy that highlights their strengths, interests, and differentiates them from other students with admissions committees.

Step 4: Test Preparation 

We prepare students for all college admissions tests including ACT, SAT, Subject Tests.

Step 5: Recommended College List 

The College list is developed with students and families to reflect a range of admissions criteria that ensures students will be appropriately challenged through the process and meet with success.

Step 6: Interview Preparation 

We set up mock interviews for our students to practice answering questions confidently with the admission committee.

Step 7: Personal College Statement

A strong personal statement should be an authentic reflection of the student’s voice and individuality. Amidst an ever-growing pool of applicants, the personal statement is a distinguishing factor of any application and a unique opportunity for students to differentiate themselves. At MAIA, we give our students the tools and structure to face one of the most challenging steps in the admissions process with confidence.

Step 8: Decision Time

After acceptance letters are received, we will assist you in deciding which school is the best fit and what next steps need to be taken.

 College Admissions Counseling: Our Process

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