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Keith has over a decade of experience in education and has worked at MAIA from the beginning.

His areas of expertise/specialties include:

  • Helping families know what to ask for in IEP/IESP meetings

  • Advising on how to get approval for enhanced rate SETSS

  • Researching school placement options

  • Advising families on how to get support from the NYC Department of Education (DOE)

  • Testifying in special education hearing

  • Providing referrals to education attorneys as needed

Keith Haber

Associate Director

Keith supports school placement counseling by visiting dozens of programs every year to get firsthand information. As an education advisor, he learns about the benefits of each program and asks the questions that a prospective family may not always feel comfortable asking.

Keith has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Management from Boston University, and a Master of Business Administration from New York University Stern School of Business. He also has previous career experience in management consulting, working for large international consulting firms.

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