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Parent Consultations

Individual sessions can address an array of topics, both educational and behavioral related. In addition to her hands on work experience, Sharon has a strong network of professionals in related fields for follow-up referrals when it is determined this will benefit you and your child. Sharon has presented on many topics and has developed a network of esteemed professionals with whom she collaborates.

Frequently addressed questions and topics include:

  • Effective behavioral techniques at home

  • Developmentally appropriate guidance

  • Demystification of learning disabilities

  • Helpful language to use with children undergoing an evaluation or experiencing a transition

  • What are developmentally appropriate expectations for my child at home and school?

  • How might subject tutoring or executive function coaching benefit my child?

  • How can I best support my child’s academic success?

  • What is reasonable to ask of schools when my child needs more support?

  • My child has no motivation to do her work. How can I help her see this is important for her future?

  • Tools to help your child develop resilience and positive self-advocacy skills

  • When to approach schools when a child experiences distress at home

  • My elementary school-aged child does not like her teacher.  What should I do?

  • Should I be worried about my child or is this typical behavior?

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