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School Placement

School Placement Services

While you understand your child better than anyone, when it comes to school choice and placement, you want a seasoned school advisor who knows school programs that are a good fit for your child and can guide you through the admissions process. As a parent of a school-aged child, MAIA’s Director, Sharon Thomas, knows we have a big responsibility to ensure that our children are thriving at school.

Sharon’s passion for school placement counseling stems from the appreciation she has as a parent and professional of how schools, specifically faculty and administrators, can have a positive and long-lasting impact on a child’s life. Through numerous yearly school visits, outreach to admissions officers, and collaboration with school faculty and administrators on understanding students’ learning profiles, we at MAIA know how and where your child is most likely to get the experience you wish for them.

We offer personalized school placement for students entering early childhood programs through high school and focus on identifying those schools that will be the best fit for your child. With our extensive background and placement expertise, we help you plan for your child’s future.

Our knowledge and experience with the admissions process will provide you with the guidance you need to select the ideal placement for your child.

We have placed our students in:

  • Traditional and Progressive Private Schools

  • Gifted and Talented Public Schools

  • Mainstream Boarding Schools

  • Special Education (day and boarding programs)

  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools

How School Placement Counseling Works

Step 1: Initial Consultation 

Meet with our Director to discuss your child’s academic, social, and emotional profile.

Step 2: Student Assessment 

This process may include an interview with your child, an informal academic assessment if more information is needed, a review of current school progress reports, and a review of any previous evaluations, if available.

Step 3: Test Preparation for School Entrance Exams 

Students who apply for middle and high school programs are prepared in advance of the exam with individual sessions that are specifically designed for them. We prepare students for the following:



  • G&T Placement Exam


Step 4: Recommended School List 

Based on the information you provide and your child’s assessment, a list of appropriate schools will be provided, along with detailed information about each program to help you make the right selection.

Step 5: Support with Applications 

We are here to help with any aspect of the application process.

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