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Test Preparation

This option is ideal for students who need a review of content and to learn standardized test-taking strategies. 

Once we determine your child’s specific test-taking profile, we can target the areas of need by focusing on subject content and teaching time-management and anxiety-reducing techniques—all designed to build confidence, reduce frustration, and improve performance.


We offer special test preparation for the following :



• G&T Placement Exam

• Common Core Tests

• NYS Regents



Steps for Test Preparation:

Step 1: Initial Baseline Mock Test 

We will provide a mock test for the student to take to help determine the areas of strength and areas that require more focus during one-to-one test preparation.

Step 2: Mock Test Review and Consultation Session 

MAIA Education scores the test and analyzes the results.  We create a summary report for the family that includes a thorough review of results and provide specific recommendations on areas to focus on during test prep sessions.  We assign a Master's Degree level educator from our team to support the learning plan tailored to the individual student.

Step 3: Work with the Tutor 

Each session is carefully planned so that students are meaningfully challenged and engaged in the learning experience. The tutor provides a combination of teaching test taking techniques with teaching content when enrichment is needed for the student.  We select only the most capable and energetic tutors to work with our students. They are chosen not only for their professional experience but also for their ability to connect well with parents and students.

Step 4: Periodic mock tests  provided to measure progress 

Based on the individual student’s test preparation plan, mock tests are scheduled to measure progress.

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