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Raising Complex Teens with ADHD/LD/Anxiety

We would like to invite you to watch our latest webinar, Raising Complex Teens with ADHD/LD/Anxiety, an interdisciplinary panel discussion with educators, mental health and medical professionals, Kenny Creed, MSEd, Scott Quasha, PsyD, Scott Palyo, MD, and Sharon Thomas,MSc, MSEd. This dynamic and comprehensive discussion will address the medical, social/emotional, parenting and academic needs typically seen in teens that may not fit neatly into only one diagnostic criteria. You will leave this webinar equipped with knowledge and resources. Topics discussed included:

• The typical challenges complex teens have at home and at school

• Setting effective and realistic expectations for teens to reduce daily battles and constant stress

• When and how to seek expert medical guidance • Tips for communication and collaboration with resistant teens

• How to anticipate academic supports that teens will likely need

• What evaluations are important for teens to have for school and life planning

About the Panelists

Kenny Creed, MSEd

Kenneth Creed is a career educator and innovator who works as a consultant and advisor to schools and organizations seeking impact in the education space. Kenneth worked as an elementary classroom teacher in public schools in Austin, Texas and The Town School, an independent school in Manhattan. He was the Lower School Head at the Brearley School in Manhattan and Head of School at Hudson Lab School, a progressive, project-based school in Westchester County, NY. Kenneth also worked as the Operations and Innovation Lead for AltSchool, a Silicon Valley startup that developed educational software in lab schools in New York City, San Francisco and Palo Alto.

Scott Quasha, PsyD

Scott Quasha, PsyD. is a clinical and school psychologist. Dr. Quasha is currently in private practice in Chelsea where he completes neuropsychological and psycho-educational evaluations for children and adults in addition to his psychotherapy practice. He has also worked in schools for nearly 20 years managing the needs of special education students and conducting psycho-education evaluations. In addition, Dr. Quasha has taught in the School Psychology program at Brooklyn College, assisted with LGBTQIA programs through the Gender Family Project at the Ackerman Institute and the JCC, and has presented lectures on best practices for supporting students at various conferences and school trainings.

Scott Palyo, MD

Scott Palyo is a child and adolescent psychiatrist working in private practice in Greenwich Village as well as an assistant professor in psychiatry at New York Medical College and a psychoanalytic candidate at NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. Previously, he was the Medical Director at Safe Horizon Counseling Center, which is a clinic devoted to the treatment of victims of crimes, and was a faculty member at NYU School of Medicine. He is an active member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and American Psychiatric Association.

Sharon Thomas, MS, MSc

Sharon Thomas is a Learning Specialist and Educational Consultant. She is the Founder and Director of MAIA Education Resource Center, an organization started over ten years ago to identify and provide timely educational services. As the leader of MAIA, named after her daughter, Sharon guides a team of talented teachers with general and special education training who are invested in the overall development and success of their students. MAIA works with students K-College with and without learning differences through 1:1 tutoring, executive function coaching, test preparation, school placement, and workshops. Sharon is passionate about giving all students access to learning. Her work and advocacy for individual students, families, and in schools reflect her belief that healthy learning environments understand and prioritize individual development and best research based teaching practices. She currently serves on the board of Promise Project, a non-for-profit organization that helps at-risk children with learning disabilities obtain the support they need to learn. Sharon completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Georgetown University and earned a master's degree in Child Psychology at University College London as well as a master's degree in General and Special Education at Hunter College.

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