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Staying on Track Over the Summer

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Summer is a time to embrace different rhythms and routines, to recharge a bit, and to enjoy family time, and we hope you are making the most of this season. Finding time for summer vacations and for your child to relax are important priorities. Amidst the summer fun, it’s well worth taking a look at some school-related goals before the next school year begins.

Weaving in some educational activities can help your child begin the new school year feeling more confident and prepared. Whether your student will focus solely on next year’s academic expectations or also on a school application process, using this summer time strategically can help your youngster have a positive outlook for the upcoming school year.

If you have an elementary school student, ask yourself whether your child has any skill gaps you can help them address during the summer. A skill gap just means your child needs more practice in order to master a certain part of their education.

For instance, was your son struggling to write his letters clearly during the last school year? Did your daughter finish her kindergarten year having trouble sounding out all the letters in the alphabet? Did your child leave second grade still having trouble reading an analog clock? Does your rising fourth grader still have problems with multiplication math facts? You can help your child practice their skills now before the school year begins to help close those gaps and get them excited to go back to school in the fall.

If you are the parent of a middle school student, you might find your child also has some skill gaps. In addition, many middle schoolers have summer assignments to complete, so make sure you and your student speak about and collaborate on a pacing plan for that summer work. Your youngster may need help mapping out a timeline to complete the work in a systematic and timely way in addition to understanding what they need to do for each assignment. Lastly, ask your teen whether they have the materials they need to confidently complete the work.

A NOTE FOR PARENTS OF RISING 5th and 8th Graders: Is your 5th or 8th grader undergoing an admissions process this fall? If so, the added layer of pressure and distraction that comes with the school application process can impact a student’s fall academic achievements if not planned for carefully. Here is a timeline of the application process to help you strategize about how to manage the added tasks and time commitments.

As a parent of a high school student, you can help set your teen up for success by encouraging them to preview the content of upcoming classes. Even if they do not yet know the specifics of their fall schedule, they likely know if they will be in an honors or AP class, or if they have a challenging science class ahead of them. There are specific ways students can build a foundation for upcoming courses, including reviewing pertinent coursework from the previous year and previewing the content and concepts to come. In addition, students can review their overall fall commitments and create a weekly visual to plan for how they will use their time once school resumes.

A NOTE FOR PARENTS OF RISING JUNIORS: Starting this fall, students will typically need support figuring out how to balance their academic course load, extracurricular activities and preparation towards college admissions. Here are some tips on how you can support your teen during this process.

It is easy to forget that summer is a season and that there is ample time to enjoy memorable experiences while also putting time on the calendar to focus on skill areas and/or projects. We look forward to our continued partnership with you as we help support our students’ overall growth and wellbeing.

Best wishes,

The MAIA Education Team

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