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Leaders in Education for Students and Families

At MAIA we are dedicated to serving your family’s educational needs. We look forward to providing tutoring, school placement counseling, executive function coaching, and other high-quality educational services that you and your family can trust.   


Contact us to learn more about how our programs, workshops, and resources can benefit you.

Our Mission and Commitment

Sharon and Keith founded MAIA, named after their daughter because they are both deeply committed to making sure all children receive the same treatment as they would wish for their own child. They understand students as individuals, each with unique and diverse learning profiles.

Together, they provide and oversee a range of education-related services including School Placement(N-12), College Admissions, Tutoring, Test Preparation, Executive Function Coaching, and Workshops.

MAIA is here to help your child thrive. Contact us today to discuss how we can help or answer your questions.

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