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Breaking Our Teens' Screen Addiction

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

One of the main concerns parents and educators have shared with us is how the dramatic rise in screen use due to virtual learning has resulted in screen addiction for many youngsters.

In this webinar on the topic of screen addiction, we welcome neuropsychologist, Dr. Peter Pramataris, founder of Pramataris & Associates and longtime director of the Center for Attention and Learning at Northwell Health/Lenox Hill Hospital. In conversation with MAIA Education’s founder and director, Sharon Thomas, Dr. Pramataris addresses specific issues related to screen addiction and offers effective strategies and interventions that you can use to help your teen.

Topics discussed were:

  • The relationship of screen use to anxiety, depression, and general mental health

  • The signs of screen addiction

  • Understanding healthy screen use for learning and socialization

  • Strategies for managing your child’s screen withdrawal with patience and understanding

  • Educating your child about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and managing their anxiety

Our speakers:

Peter Pramataris, PsyD

Dr. Pramataris is the founder and director of Pramataris & Associates.

For over a decade, Dr. Pramataris served as the director of the Center for Attention and Learning at Northwell Health/Lenox Hill Hospital, where he headed the neuropsychological assessment and consultation services. He continues to instruct post-doctoral residents for Lenox Hill Hospital's department of psychiatry, who awarded him for excellence in teaching. Dr. Pramataris advises on several boards, including the New York Neuropsychology Group, the Lang School, and AbleTo, a national-scale behavioral health company that he co-founded in 2008. Dr. Pramataris completed clinical training at NYU Medical Center, St. Mary's Hospital for Children, and Lenox Hill Hospital. He received a combined doctorate in school psychology and child clinical psychology from Yeshiva University.

Sharon Thomas, MSc, MSEd

Sharon Thomas is a Learning Specialist and Educational Consultant. She is the Founder and Director of MAIA Education Resource Center, an organization started over ten years ago to identify and provide timely educational services. As the leader of MAIA, named after her daughter, Sharon guides a team of talented teachers with general and special education training who are invested in the overall development and success of their students. MAIA works with students K-College with and without learning differences through 1:1 tutoring, executive function coaching, test preparation, school placement, and workshops. Sharon is passionate about giving all students access to learning. Her work and advocacy for individual students, families and in schools reflect her belief that healthy learning environments understand and prioritize individual development and best research based teaching practices.

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