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Webinar: Supporting Students with EF Challenges

As we face this current school year with a blend of different learning models including, in-person, fully virtual, and hybrid, it is more important than ever to give our students with executive functioning challenges strategies to stay engaged academically.

During this webinar, learning specialist, Sharon Thomas, and neuropsychologist, Dana Suozzi, will provide practical recommendations and strategies to help navigate this complex learning landscape.

Topics discussed were:

• What are the typical executive function challenges lower, middle, and upper school students face?

• For virtual and hybrid learning, how do you make sure materials are accessible and the physical set-up for learning is consistent?

• What is the effect of stress on the brain, and how can this be addressed at home?

• What strategies and structures may my child need at home given the frequent transitions, changes in plans, and uncertainty?

The Speakers were:

Dana Suozzi, Psy.D

Dana Suozzi is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience in the field of mental health. Dana's approach is interactive, warm, exploratory, and supportive. She believes that trust, commitment, curiosity, and connection can allow for growth and change. Her hope for her patients is that they gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves, and develop new ways of managing challenges they will face in the future. Dana earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from New York University, her master's degree in Special Education and Reading from Southern Connecticut State University, and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pace University's Clinical-Child-School Psychology program.

Sharon Thomas, MSc, MSEd (Facilitator)

Sharon Thomas is a Learning Specialist and Educational Consultant. She is the Founder and Director of MAIA Education Resource Center, an organization started over ten years ago to identify and provide timely educational services. As the leader of MAIA, named after her daughter, Sharon guides a team of teachers with general and special education training who are talented and invested in the overall development and success of their students. MAIA works with students K-College with and without learning differences through 1:1 tutoring, executive function coaching, test preparation, school placement, and workshops. Sharon is passionate about giving all students access to learning. Her

work and advocacy for individual students, families and in schools reflect her belief that healthy learning environments understand and prioritize individual development and best research based teaching practices. Sharon completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Georgetown University and earned a master's degree in Child Psychology at University College London as well as a master's degree in General and Special Education at Hunter College.

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